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Re: no path set after installation on win2k

Lucas Gonze wrote:

* Run a fresh install on Windows 2000 5.00.2195.
* Start a shell
* Do "ls" or any other standard command from /cygwin/bin.
* Command not found.

It's probably relevant that the runtime environment hasn't been initialized -- there's no ~/.bashrc and no /etc/.bash_profile. The specific source of my download doesn't seem to be relevant, since I tried a bunch of different ones. It doesn't seem to help to reinstall, since the reinstall always says that there's nothing to install.

Off the top of my head, my guess is that the post-install setup isn't happening. Any suggestions for a fix or workaround?

If the "shell" you mentioned above is not one that comes with
Cygwin (sh, bash, tcsh, zsh), then that's likely the problem.
You're assuming the Cygwin installation will modify your *Windows*
path, which it will not.  If you want access to the Cygwin tools
without typing the full path from command/cmd windows that aren't running
Cygwin shells, you need to to add Cygwin's bin directory to your Windows
path.  Unless you prefer to get the like named Windows versions of find
and other utilities, put Cygwin's directory first in your path.

If you're having trouble with Cygwin shells, then you probably didn't
start the shell as a login shell.  Cygwin.bat will do this for you using

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