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RE: "Using Cygwin Effectively with Windows" -- Draft of new User's Guide section

I would suggest adding a section on the PATH environment and its use
when invoking bash from DOS.

Lisbeth Kellogg
Office: 651-675-2610

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From: [] On Behalf
Of Joshua Daniel Franklin
Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2003 1:18 PM
Subject: "Using Cygwin Effectively with Windows" -- Draft of new User's
Guide section

I've thrown together a prospective "Using Cygwin Effectively with
section for the User's Guide. 

If you'd like to look at it as a web page:

I'm going to be leaving this broadband connection in under 48 hours, so
I'll probably put this into CVS tomorrow (with any corrections) 
unless there is a horrendous outcry against it. Then I'll be in and 
out of contact for probably a(nother) couple of weeks while I move. 

Some things:
--Q: Does anyone know of a page that lists command line configuration
utilities included with Windows 95/98/ME vs. Windows NT4/2000/XP?

--FYI: There are links to outside sites like, Hummingbird's
free-beer SOCKS proxy, etc.

--Documentation of printing is sparse since I don't really do it much.
Does anyone have extensive documentation of their complex setup?

--There's basically nothing on Java except a sample about translating
the CLASSPATH to DOS format. I'm not sure what else to put in. There are
no Cygwin-native java compilers, right? 

Joshua Daniel Franklin

Attached is the text.

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