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Re: apache problems gone with 1.50

Sam Edge wrote:
> Andrew might want to consider compiling Cygwin-Apache with the native
> Winsock option. This way it still lives in the Cygwin file system
> space so has the POSIX/Linux style configuration files but bypasses
> the Cygwin Berkeley->Winsock socket API translation. Apparently this
> helps.

that's right. Apache for Cygwin with Winsock was definetly faster. But
still Apache for Windows outperforms it's Cygwin counterpart.

> (But I suspect the majority of the performance difference Stipe has
> found is the use of threads in the native Windows version against
> forking child processes in the *X versions which is a more expensive
> operation.)

yep. And of course the general bottleneck of emulating the whole POSIX
system call suite in Win32.

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