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How to use cygcheck to find documentation on rsync?

Somebody (in this email list) showed me how to use cygcheck to find all the
files associated with a command -- including the documentation. 

Can someone kindly remind me what qualifiers I use on cygcheck to find the
documentation for rsync?

I did a search on my old emails for cygcheck but there were two many.

Well, I ended up doing  "find /usr/share | xargs grep -n rsync".

Now I have a remote node from which I want to copy files. I had to abort a
partial copy so I have some of the files already. The remote node is
available via openvpn and a mapped drive. It is also available via ssh/scp.

Now here is the question: is rsync NOT going to do optimizations if I make
it look like I'm copying from one local disk to another or should I use ssh?
I have not established the rsync on the remote node as a service using

Since I had not installed/started the deamon on the remote node, I tried
using rsync using openvpn and, after about 20 minutes or more, I had to
abort it. It did not appear to be doing anything and I was in a public
hotspot trying to copy files to my notebook and I neededto leave. This leads
me to believe I need to start the rsyncd on the remote node. Would that

Are there some qualifiers that I can use to rsync can give me a status check
so I know it is not just hung.

Is there a GUI version of rsync that has a nice progress bar?

Now what if I abort a copy operation and a file is only half copied and I
run rsync. Is it going to detect that the file is only half copied and copy
the other half or is it going to say "that file already exists at the
destination so I don't need to copy it"?


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