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Re: [bug] elf.h incomplete

On Thu, May 3, 2012 at 9:02 AM, Fedin Pavel wrote:
> ÂWhy is elf.h include incomplete in Cygwin?
> ÂI am cross-compiling Linux kernel under Cygwin, and i had to patch modpost
> utility, adding missing R_xxx definitions for some reloc types.
> Since kernel v3 i have to add some more definitions, as well as patch one
> more utility, recordmcount. So, amount of patching grows.
> Can Cygwin's elf.h simply include all missing definitions instead? I know
> that ELF is not a home format for Cygwin, but many things being cross-build
> seem to rely on this include.

If you are using any Cygwin header for the build of a system that is
to be hosted in some other OS then I suspect you do not know how to
properly do a cross build environment.  To build the Linux kernel
under Cygwin requires you have the proper libraries and headers for
Linux installed in the cross environment.  It should not be using the
libraries and headers provided by the Cygwin build environment.


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