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Re: [bug] elf.h incomplete

On 03/05/2012 9:24 AM, Fedin Pavel wrote:
On 03.05.2012 17:08, Earnie Boyd wrote:
To build the Linux kernel
under Cygwin requires you have the proper libraries and headers for
Linux installed in the cross environment.  It should not be using the
libraries and headers provided by the Cygwin build environment.
I know about this. My cross-compiler is OK. I cross-build many stuff with it.
But Linux kernel build process needs some specific tools, like modpost. They are also built from sources, but they are built to run on the host, not on the target. And of course they use host's (Cygwin's in our case) gcc with its includes.
These tools operate on newly built ELF files, this is why they use these includes.
I've also run in to this problem, though in my case I just fired up a VM to work around it... I needed the VM anyway to actually run the newly-built kernel. That said, it would be nice to be able to build on the host and just scp the new vmlinuz across...

BTW, libelf.h has all the #defines, but it only #includes them if it doesn't find an elf.h, which Cygwin has.


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