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Re: [feature] alias "more" to "less"

On 5/15/2012 10:28 AM, Christopher Faylor wrote:
If you want to help others in your environment then create your own
helper scripts to do so.
I already do - all the time.
If you want an alias then create one.
I do that too.
If you actually want more then install it. It is in the distro.
I didn't even infer I wanted more(1).
We're not going to do something different from Linux just because your customers fear the command line and can't be bothered to add their own aliases.
I'm often that customer too. By that I mean often I log into a new machine or as another user or a generic user to find nobody bothered to set up anything for it. It's not that I, or anybody else, "can't be bothered" rather we are asking for not having the bothering thing at all. I can be bothered. I've been bothered many, many times and I've fixed and changed this. But still I hit it all the time.
People presumably trundle along on Fedora, Gentoo, and SUSE just fine so they should be able to surmount this obstacle on Cygwin too.
My whole response was based upon the line in the OP of "It seems that pretty much all unixes alias "more" to "less" these days". I took that literally to be correct. If it's not then I guess never mind. After all I always set up my aliases for me so more always = less, for me. Cept when I have to deal with other people's environments under Cygwin where more's not = less, by default.
I am not adding a symlink for more.
I didn't even ask you to add a symlink. Look at the subject. The OP was asking for an alias.
Andrew DeFaria <>
Please, Lord, let me prove that winning the lottery won't spoil me.

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