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Re: Someone is pretending to be some Cygwin's support

Christopher Faylor writes:
> It shouldn't have to tell you what domain to use for postmaster for this
> mailing list.

The four words "for this mailing list" would have been enough, thank you.

> You did manage to figure it out but, unfortunately, your forwarded
> header shows that the email response likely came as the result of a
> gmane post so there is nothing that we can do about it here.

As I said before, the messages are not necessarily harvested directly
via the account that pretends to be sending the mail.  It would be
likely that he is subscribed under a different name.  Although the
messages may be harvested in a different manner, that seems unlikely
since the reply to any of my messages so far has been almost
simultaneous with the appearance of the message on the list server
(Gmane for instance posts them quite a bit later usually).  That my
message to the list has been posted through Gmane seems to have nothing
to do with it.

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