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Re: Making Unix like paths work when using java program from Cygwin

On 5/18/2012 8:11 AM, Marilo wrote:
The java aspect looks like a red herring as not relevant to the problem.

You want to run a *nix shell script and presumably don't want to write your own bat file doing the same job.

I'm probably missing something but given that there's cygwin, and it's a *nux script, what about just editing the script for your computer, amending the paths in the script, with a find and replace, so /ABC/XYZ is replaced with /cygdrive/c/ABC/XYZ and running the script in cygwin.
That's a bad thing to do! Now you have deviated and have a unique version of this script. It will not work 6 months down the road when the script is updated on the Unix/Linux side and you have to again port it.

Instead carefully test to make sure you're in Cygwin and when in Cygwin use cygpath appropriately. Then "contribute" the code back from whence it came so you have a hope that the next version will at least have your portability changes if not the modifier will simply follow suit and take into account Cygwin users as you've shown can be done.
Andrew DeFaria <>
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