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Re: Is the Latest Release of Cygwin supported on Windows Server 8/2012

On 05/18/2012 07:39 PM, JonY wrote:
I was under the impression that the instruction size matches the natural
word size of the machine. Therefore they would be 64 bit instructions.
No, we are talking about x86, not MIPS/ARM type RISC.
Really? OK - Show me! Because the first mention of even CISC was *your* posting two posts ago. Just because you were talking about x86 does not mean that I was talking about x86.
Which do not apply to CISC CPUs, whatever implementation underneath is
tangent to the user code ISA, the opcodes did not double in size. Please
at least look at the x86 opcode, they are known to have variable lengths.
I was not talking about your x86 - you were.
I still don't understand what having a 64 bit version of ls or grep will
do for ya...
Since 64-bit mode cannot be avoided,
Excuse me but it seems to me that right now it is being avoided quite successfully. Cannot be avoided? Really?
there is simply no reason to keep
legacy mode applications and all that baggage if you can easily rebuild
and move to 64-bit mode.
If a 32 bit executable will run on a 64 bit machine, but a 64 bit executable will not run on a 32 bit machine, there's no good justification to have to maintain two different builds and sets of bits.
You don't keep 16-bit programs lying about when there are 32-bit
programs doing the same thing right?
When 32 bit just came around, you betcha I did - and so did you.

All that said, I'd like to see it all move to 64 bit and I know it will, eventually. But I can understand the rational for not doing it at this time.
Andrew DeFaria <>
I'm not into working out. My philosophy is no pain, no pain.

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