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RE: 1.7.15-1: mintty bash failing to run .NET executables ?

> -----Original Message-----
> Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2012 06:14
> Subject: 1.7.15-1: mintty bash failing to run .NET executables ?
> After that, .NET programs failed to launch at all. The mintty bash
terminal just
> sits there, no CPU or anything else being used, the .NET .exe failing to
> according to Task Manager. (Have left it 10 or 15 minutes to make
> sure.) Ctrl-C / Ctrl-Break, Ctrl-Z fail to have any effect. Clicking the
close 'X' on
> the window housing the mintty terminal just kills it (mintty.exe and
> bash.exe) immediately?(as seen in Task Manager)?without comment or
> question from Windows.

I had the same problem with 1.7.15, and so did one or two other people.  The
latest developer snapshot fixed the problem for me (so far!).

> roll back your cygwin.dll to 1.7.14-2

I would not suggest doing this.  The last several Cygwin versions had a
series of problems with handling of standard input/output for non-Cygwin
programs; in some situations, the problems were timing-sensitive and did not
occur 100% of the time. 

I would also strongly recommend that you look at setting the new pipe_byte
option in the CYGWIN environment variable ( ).  Unfortunately the
documentation has zero indication of why you would need to set this, but to
summarize, you will probably want/need to set this if you are redirecting
standard input to a non-Cygwin program (either .NET or otherwise).

You may find it useful to read some of the archived discussion in the Cygwin
mailing list over the past few months; there are several discussions
regarding these issues that should give you a deeper understanding of the

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