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Performance problems with emacs-X11 in current cygwin.

After an cygwin-upgrade this morning I'm experiencing performance problems with emacs-X11 (23.4.2). The performance problem seem to be graphics related. Window redraw is really slow, it can take up to a couple of seconds to redraw the emacs window. Scrolling the cursor up or down in emacs is also painfully slow. Some other X programs I've tried does not seem to be affected. xemacs works just fine.

I've tried a fresh cygwin install on a clean (vmware) machine running Windows XP. Still the same problem.
I also tried downgrading both emacs (23.3-3) and xorg-server(1.12.0-5) without luck. There was a bunch of other packages upgrade at the same time, I've included the part of the setup.log which installed the packages that introduced the performance problem.

Magnus Berglund

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