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Re: Performance problems with emacs-X11 in current cygwin.

On 5/24/2012 8:32 AM, Berglund Magnus (SE) wrote:
After an cygwin-upgrade this morning I'm experiencing performance problems with emacs-X11 (23.4.2). The performance problem seem to be graphics related. Window redraw is really slow, it can take up to a couple of seconds to redraw the emacs window. Scrolling the cursor up or down in emacs is also painfully slow. Some other X programs I've tried does not seem to be affected. xemacs works just fine.

I've tried a fresh cygwin install on a clean (vmware) machine running Windows XP. Still the same problem.
I also tried downgrading both emacs (23.3-3) and xorg-server(1.12.0-5) without luck. There was a bunch of other packages upgrade at the same time, I've included the part of the setup.log which installed the packages that introduced the performance problem.

I've noticed the same thing on my XP system but not on Windows 7. There have been similar reports from two other users, but they didn't say what version of Windows they were using:

I'm afraid I don't have a clue what could be causing this or why it apparently only occurs on XP.

Ken Brown
Cygwin's emacs maintainer

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