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Re: [64bit] cygwin-devel headers broken

Am 01.05.2015 um 14:10 schrieb Jon TURNEY:
On 01/05/2015 06:03, Marco Atzeri wrote:
On 4/30/2015 8:52 PM, Thomas Wolff wrote:
There is a crash issue induced on cygwin-64 (not on -32) after
compilation with cygwin-devel 2.0.0 include files. I am recompiling my
editor mined and it crashes, maybe immediately or after typing
non-trivial input (like function keys, waiting for input with select()).

I had a similar issue. But in my case the compilation fails as
select seems gone:

It seems that sys/select.h is no longer implicitly included by some other header, I think probably sys/time.h.
Thanks for the hint, adding an include solves the issue.
It had compiled without because I have a plain extern int select() declaration. It's obviously not a good declaration because the pointer arguments can now be 64 bit. (I think I could not unconditionally include select.h for porting compatibility with some legacy systems that don't have it.)

Not sure whether it's a bug then as arguably a program using select should declare it properly. On the other hand this issue has not appeared on any other system and if traditionally include time.h used to imply include select.h maybe that should be maintained.

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