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Re: Problems with screen on Windows 10 Preview system

On May  1 17:32, Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
> I downloaded and installed a copy of Windows 10 on a spare system to
> see how Cygwin works. Most of the applications worked similarly to
> what I was testing on my Windows 7 system. However I have run into a
> problem with the screen command.
> The first time I run screen the command gives me a standard help
> screen and data. If I type exit to get back to mintty and then
> type screen again.. I get:
> Directory '/tmp/uscreens' must have mode 777.
> Which after going through the faq and old mailing list was
> something that occurred on FAT partitions. So I went to check the
> install and the file format is NTFS. I then looked at /tmp and
> got
> drwx---rwt+ 1 smoog smoog 0 May 1 16:01 uscreens

You're using a "Microsoft Account", one of those for twhich the primary
group SID is set to the same SID as your user account has.  So
uid==gid==the exact same SID.  The group "smoog" is NOT a group called
"smoog", it's your user account.  This leads to a chicken-egg problem:

Either Cygwin sets the group permissions in the POSIX permission
attributes to the same value as the user permissions, e.g.


then security-sensitive POSIX applications will complain that the
permissions are too wide-open.

Or, Cygwin sets the group permissions to 0, e.g.


Then, apparently, screen complains.

There would be a third way, which is, to spill the "other" permissions
into the group permissions, in my example:


That should work, but needs YA patch to Cygwin and needs some testing.
Bad timing right now (vaca).

Workaround:  Set the primary group to the affected files explicitely to
an existing group which is in your user token.  That would typically be
the group "users", e.g.

  chgrp users /tmp/uscreens

should work, and then you can chmod it and screen should stop


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