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Arrow keys in mplayer


I'm a bit puzzled by the behaviour of the arrow keys when using mplayer
under the console.

According to the man page, left and right arrow keys should
rewind/fast-forward by 10 seconds; and the /etc/mplayer/input.conf seems to
set that explicitly.

But when I try using the left and right arrow keys, all that happens is the
playback speed reduces, as if I'd actually pressed the [ key.  I've
verified this by pressing the right arrow key a few times, then pressing
the ] key a few times to increase the speed again, and get back to the
normal speed.

I know very little about mplayer; I've done practically no customisation,
and just normally use the very basic keys (p for pause, arrow keys to
rewind/fast-forward by 10 seconds or a minute).  That's normally all I
need, though.  (When I say normally, that's on a Linux system; I was
expecting it to work the same on Cygwin).

Oh, the version number (as returned by `mplayer -v') is 1.1-4.8.1.

Help much appreciated!



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