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question on building qt5

I would like to try the patch to qt-5 which enables qt terminal for gnuplot
for Cygwin.

I have downloaded qt5-base-5.4.1-3.src.
I have attached all patches in the directory and patch for the above thread.

I have tried configure

cd /cygdrive/e/usr/Tatsu/cyg64work/qt5/qt5-5.4.1/qt5-base-5.4.1-3.src/build
../qtbase-opensource-src-5.4.1/configure -prefix /opt/qt-5.4.1 -platform
cygwin-g++ -confirm-license -opensource -release -c++11 -shared
-optimized-qmake -no-rpath -no-reduce-exports -no-reduce-relocations
-no-largefile -accessibility -no-sql-db2 -no-sql-ibase -no-sql-oci
-no-sql-sqlite2 -system-zlib -system-libpng -system-libjpeg -dbus-linked
-openssl-linked -system-pcre -system-harfbuzz -system-xcb -system-xkbcommon
-gui -widgets -no-cups -icu -iconv -pch -xcb -no-egl -no-eglfs -opengl
desktop -glib -gtkstyle

(source directory with patch applied.)
(build directory)

After the report:

  xkbcommon .............. yes (system library)
  zlib ................... yes (system library)

NOTE: When linking against OpenSSL, you can override the default
library names through OPENSSL_LIBS.
For example:
    OPENSSL_LIBS='-L/opt/ssl/lib -lssl -lcrypto' ./configure -openssl-linked

Cannot write cache file
Cannot create parent directory.
Cannot write file
Cannot create parent directory.
Project ERROR: Aborting.

I cannot proceed any longer.

Any suggestions?



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