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emacs-w32 24.5.1: Crashes with --daemon and in "About Emacs"

After being a long-time user of the official (MinGW-based) Emacs for
Windows, I am making the transition to Cygwin's emacs-w32, mainly to profit
from the large base of supplementary packages in Cygwin and the automated
update via setup. The transition has not been completely smooth, though, for
the following reasons:
- Windows desktop-integration: The official emacs comes with the
emacsclientw client, which can be very easily leveraged for
desktp-integration via Open With and SendTo. For emacs-w32 I had to cobble
up my own solution using run ... but actually it should be no problem to
patch configuration to build emacsclientw on Cygwin, too.
- Crash in server-mode: One of the advantages of Cygwin emacs-w32 is that it
supports the server-mode via invocation with --daemon (also coming soon to
official Emacs!). But using emacsclient wihtout any options first gives an
error and then crashes emacs-w32. See attachment "emacs-test" and the
cygcheck -svr output for my primary machine in attachmetn 2. I do have an
easy work-around by calling emacsclient with the -c option to pop up a new
frame - arguably the way to go on the Windows desktop anyway ...
- Crash in About Emacs: On another machine with (in contrast to my primary
machine) very lean installation (see attachment 3) emacs-w32 crashes when I
open the About Emacs page from the Help menu. My hunch is that some
image-library is missing in this lean installation to show the big GNU Emacs
logo, but I cannot make head or tail of the stackdump (attachment 4).
Any ideas on the 2. and 3. issue?
Regards, Martin

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