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Re: cygport: How to use to build and install modified packages

Martin Anantharaman writes:
> In my experimentation with run (see preceding post with subject
> "run-1.3.3-1: Unicode text and empty args") I somehow managed to build a
> modifed version of a released package (run-1.3.3-1) but feel I have not
> found the right way of performing this task - so I ask for some advice (or
> referral to some How-To?) based on how I did it:
> - Get source: I did that via setup which placed the cygport-file
> (run.cygport) and source-archive in /usr/src
> - Unpack source: I wanted to do "cygport run prep" - but that failed to
> recognize the cygwin-run-1.3.3.tar.bz2 archive and I had to do "cygport run
> download" which downloaded cygwin-run-run.tar.bz2 instead. Why?

I'm using non-versioned cygport files and have patched cygport to deal
with those correctly.  The packaged cygport file should have been
run-1.3.3-1.cygport for the unpatched cygport version to work correctly.
Somehow that's not happening anymore, I'll have to see that how to
correct that.

The last "-run" is a result of the above and the "cygwin-run" at the
beginning is a result of the way cygport deals with Git repositories.
Cygport seems to prefer the versioned package file if it finds one over
the Git snapshot, I'm not sure if that's the way it should be.

> - Install: I thought I could install with "cygport run install" - but that
> installed in the staging area within the pacakge source-tree only. So I
> installed with "make install" for the time being. What is the right way,
> maybe using setup after packaging the modified package?

There is no right or wrong way, but you can just unpack into / for this

> - Package: "cygport run package" works as expect, including creating patches
> - but the resulting packages (in dist) were run-run-run.tar.xz and
> run-src.tar.xz - so the version is somehow getting trashed within cygport.
> Does the cygport file at the outset need to be renamed to include the
> version?

Yes, until I can convince Yaakov to accept my patches.

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