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Re: File operations on a Windows Driver (character device)

On 05/18/2015 05:42 AM, Alessio Faina wrote:
Hello everyone,

I'm developing a port of a FreeBSD/Linux application that consists of
two parts: a kernel and a user land part.
The kernel part is build as a WDM driver and is compiled with VS2013
and WDK 8.1: the userspace is going to
be compiled under Cygwin for compatibility with user land programs
already written for other OSs.

My problem is that the user space program invokes Open(), ioctl(),
mmap/munmap(), select() and poll().

I've build a test Win32 app to open with CreateFile the DosDevice with
the "\\\\.\\uniioctl" name and everything goes fine,
but I've tried to do the same thing with Open(...) with a lot of
variants (\\DosDevice\\uniioctl, \dev\uniioctl....) but I'm
unable to open the character device. There is some way to do this?

Sorry I can't help with allot of specifics on your questions but I can
say that when using Cygwin, you are best off if you stick to POSIX syntax
and semantics and don't mix in Windows code and Windowisms.  That includes
path separators (i.e. use '/', not '\').  See this page in the User's Guide
for information on how Cygwin handles device emulation too:




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