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Re: run.exe fails to start XWin in Windows 8.1

While executing the command "Xwin Server" from Windows 8.1, the server
won't start. Apparently, the executed command is

C:\cygwin64\bin\run.exe --quote /usr/bin/bash.exe -l -c "cd;

The file C:\cygwin64\run.exe.stackdump is produced. Instead I expect,
however, an X server process and an xterm window.

On the other hand, starting first "Cygwin64 terminal" does create a text
console shell, and running
startxwin      &

from this shell does give me an X server process and an xterm window.

A complete removal of the C:\cygwin64 directory and reinstalling did not
help. Afterwards, reinstalling xinit did not help.

This issue persists for a few months already. Last year, XWin started
without problems.

Unfortunately, the stackdump in your previous report [1] didn't quite
contain enough information to investigate this problem.  I've made a
small improvement in how the stackdumps are made [2] since then, so if
you can upgrade and provide the stackdump file, perhaps we can discover
why this crash is happening.


Great, I'll test it as soon as possible!

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