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Re: AW: emacs-w32 24.5.1: Crashes with --daemon and in "About Emacs"

On 5/19/2015 1:52 AM, Martin Anantharaman wrote:

you were on the right track there: I do not run bash in a windows console,
but not in mintty either - I have been using Console2 for many years as
common terminal for cmd, msys and cygwin. When I run my test in a mintty
windows everything works, i.e. emacsclient makes the emacs-server start a
window on the mintty terminal. /usr/bin/tty there shows /dev/pty0 in
contrast to /dev/cons0 in the Console2 window. So should I consider use of
Console2 (and the /dev/cons0 device) unsupported or is it a bug in

I don't know. Maybe Corinna will have some insight into this when she returns from vacation.

Regarding the other problem (crash in About Emacs): There I was running in
mintty anyway, as I had not installed Cosole2 on that machine at all - I
will be lookign at that with debugingo in due course.


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