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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cygport-0.19.0-1

I have uploaded a new version of cygport to the Cygwin distribution and
the Fedora/EPEL Cygwin copr.  Highlights in this version:

* NM is now defined for cross-compiling purposes.

* A new kf5.cygclass was added for KDE Frameworks 5 packages.

* The SRC_URI logic in kde4.cygclass was moved into a new to be shared by both kde4 and the new kf5.cygclass.

* ruby.cygclass and rubygem.cygclass were fixed for the latest Ruby
versioning scheme.

Yaakov Selkowitz (11):
      qt3-qmake, qt4-qmake, qt5-qmake: use QMAKE_PROJECT_DEPTH
      cmake: use CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release if RESTRICT=debuginfo
      qt5: add QT5_MKSPECSDIR, use qmake-qt5 to define variables
      Define NM for cross-compilation abstraction
      kf5: new cygclass for KDE Frameworks 5.x components
      kde4: update SRC_URIs for YY.MM.x releases new cygclass for SRC_URI in all KDE cygclasses
      kf5: remove plugin import libraries during install
      ruby, rubygem: adapt to Ruby 2.1+ versioning scheme
      Add new file from commit b45183d8ccf8b5076aab36ae61a9dd950f8cf8e8
      cygport 0.19.0


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