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Re: file-transfer-over-soundcard

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On May 21, 2015, at 1:03 AM, Spet <> wrote:

When i execute from dos console:

Why arenât you using Cygwin Terminal instead?
This is my first time.
However I have to use it in windows console.

The Cygwin Terminal has a huge number of features missing from the Windows console, some of which allow it to work better with Cygwin programs.  (UTF-8 support, for example.)

Meanwhile, the DOS console offers zero advantage over the Cygwin Terminal when it comes to running Cygwin executables.

./generate.exe -b 25 -r 48000 -o /etc/fstab

Youâre trying to send *Cygwinâs* /etc/fstab to another box?
*Cygwinâs* ???
another box???

Why?  Typically the contents of that file are so trivial that itâs faster to just transcribe any changes in it when setting up a new box.

Does "cat /etc/fstab" show something from the Cygwin Terminal?
Yes, text file

Anyway, it works here.  I get a 25 MiB sound output file for a 531 byte /etc/fstab.
Now here, I understood better how it works.

generate.exe -b 25 -r 48000 -o "k:\TEMP\a.txt" c:\cygwin\etc\fstab

Are you sure you built it with the Cygwin C compiler, and not something else, like the MinGW or Visual Studio compilers?  Thatâs the only explanation I can think of for why the POSIX path (/etc/fstab) would fail, but a DOS path would succeed.
I've only done "makefile" in terminal.

I have to ask: Why do you even want this software?
Just a curiosity to transmit files via audio and compile a C source Linux in Windows.

Finally, the compilation work. The sound file is recorded and the audio capture works. But the transmission of the file fails because I get a bit sequence completely different from the original.

Ty :)

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