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Re: File permissions different inside and outside cygwin root

(Sorry I cannot reply directly to the previous email I just subscribed to the list, I am quoting from the list archive)

>> (from the archive - permissions inside and outside of /cygwin get messed up)

I think this is *THE* cause of my problems.

My question is how do I turn this of 100% totally - and completely?

How it is effecting me:

In my case, I *OFTEN* edit source code using âemacs-w32â under cygwin.

and often refer to files via  a filename like this /cygdrive/c/some/path/foo.c

Sadly what happens in the end is, the ACL gets set to the point where I cannot edit source files.

Another common example is this:

Step 1:  On Linux  - create a âtar.gzâ of a source directory.

	tar cfz  foo.tar.gz  somedirectory

(In my case, it is an open source package that *must* build under both cygwin and linux)
I need to move the code back and forth - to make sure my changes donât break things

Step 2:  Pull that tar file over to Cygwin (I use cygwin64)

Step 3: Unpack the tar.gz file using CYGWIN

	tar xfz

Step 4:	
	I specifically use âemacs-w32â - to edit the source code.
	It seems that *randomly* the ACL gets totally bunkered

	Maybe there is a method to this madness, but I canât figure out the exact sequence

I am *NOT* building or doing this under  any Cygwin mount
I should not need to, and I should not be required to

I specifically use:  /cygdrive/c/some/path/


   This does not *require* the âtar-copyâ method 
   Using CYGWIN - I âgit cloneâ some repository and edit the files in the standard way
   It seems to be more predominant when I copy via TAR across systems.

	I can no longer edit my source code.
	I would end up having to âright clickâ permissions and fix things using windows tools

       It seems the ACLs are totally messed up

Bottom line, my expected behavior

	I should be able to use a simple editor - i.e.: Emacs-w32
	I should be able to edit a source code file
	When I save the source code file - the permissions *before* and *after* should be identical

	They are not, permissions are totally messed up.

	What ever I am seeing, it is fundamentally broken.


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