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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: httpd-2.4.12-2 (obsoletes: apache2)

The following packages have been added to the Cygwin distribution:

* httpd-2.4.12-2
* httpd-devel-2.4.12-2
* httpd-manual-2.4.12-2
* httpd-tools-2.4.12-2
* httpd-mod_ldap-2.4.12-2
* httpd-mod_lua-2.4.12-2
* httpd-mod_proxy_html-2.4.12-2
* httpd-mod_ssl-2.4.12-2

The Apache HTTP Server Project is a collaborative software development
effort aimed at creating a robust, commercial-grade, featureful, and
freely-available source code implementation of an HTTP (Web) server.

This release includes several packaging changes:

* threads support is now enabled with the latest libapr1 and

* the worker MPM is now enabled in addition to the existing prefork MPM,
both as DSOs.  You must LoadModule exactly one MPM in your httpd.conf;
prefork is still the default.  Note that prefork was not a DSO in
2.4.12-1, so if you have already customized your httpd.conf you will
have to add this yourself.

* mod_cgid has been enabled in addition to mod_cgi.

* mod_watchdog is added as a builtin due to its usage in the also
newly-added mod_heartbeat.

With this release, the apache2 (2.2.x) packages have been removed from
the distribution.


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