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Re: mintty project

On 2015-05-31 23:15, Thomas Wolff wrote:
> As a contributor to mintty, some sent me a notice discussing the move to
> github
> (
> and now there is already a github fork of mintty
> (
> I'd like to discuss what you (cygwin maintainers and others) think of
> this move, whether it's good for mintty to be hosted on github.
> Personally I feel that a platform like sourceforge provides a more
> professional project environment which would provide more confidence in
> stable project development.
> What do you think?

Sourceforge appears to be turning into a cesspool.  It now takes control
of "dead" projects and wraps software in their own installer showing ads
and offering to install other software.  At least that is what I read
was happening this week with the GIMP windows installer that was hosted

I don't like Github much more either but probably only because everyone
seems to want to use pull requests.

Meh, I'm not really contributing much.  Regardless of what decision is
made, let me know where I should send some patches that have languished
on mintty's google code site.

P.S.  Sorry to you, Thomas, I sent my reply to you directly instead of
the list.

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