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Cygwin Mirror Report

good mirror174
aalmost up-to-date mirror0
oout-of-date mirror0
*transient problem0
!persistent failure7
xdisabled mirror104

Reference fileSizemtime
x86/release/libxkbcommon/sha512.sum9682021-05-06 20:14 UTC
x86_64/release/libxkbcommon/sha512.sum9682021-05-06 20:14 UTC
x86/setup.xz33194282021-05-06 22:40 UTC
x86_64/setup.xz33038042021-05-06 22:40 UTC
x86/sha512.sum12782021-05-06 22:44 UTC
x86/release/netcdf/sha512.sum37002021-05-06 22:44 UTC
x86_64/sha512.sum12782021-05-06 22:44 UTC
x86_64/release/netcdf/sha512.sum37002021-05-06 22:44 UTC

Problem mirrors
URLStatusRetriesTime/sLagLast GoodError!1992Unknown2021-04-13 15:18 UTC550 Failed to open file.!37763UnknownNo Datatimed out!9160UnknownNo Data[Errno 113] No route to host!1350UnknownNo DataForbidden!2231246 days, 5:00:01No DataFile x86/setup.xz out of date
rsync://!3763046 days, 5:00:01No DataFile x86/setup.xz out of date
rsync://!18311Unknown2021-04-15 15:18 UTC@ERROR: access denied to cygwin from (2620:52:3:1:0:246e:9693:128c) rsync error: error starting client-server protocol (code 5) at main.c(1657) [Receiver=3.1.3]

Selecting reference files0
Total to check all mirrors1049
Average to check a mirror31

Last updated: 2021-05-08 12:18 UTC