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Re: Issue with net.exe and no output when ssh'ing into NT system

Todd Bowden wrote:

To all below you will find my cygcheck.out file.

Im running cygwin 1.3.22.

The issue Im having is after ssh'ing into a Win 2000 system and try to execute net.exe I get no output. If Im logged on locally and bring up a bash shell I get the output that I expect.

I have tested a few scenerios:

1. Logged on locally using the bash shell, net.exe runs and produces output as expected. 2. SSH into same system net.exe returns no output, however the command does execute correctly. No other commands have the same behavior. 3. Using an older version of the cygwin1.dll fixed the output problem of net.exe, but produced other problems.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Do you google?


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