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"contents altered after message signed" when sending openssl smime signed messages - ssmtp appears to add extra newlines


as per, 1) I did
<<openssl smime -sign -in message.txt -text -signer mycert.pem -from -to -subject "Signed message from cygwin" |

Under Linux (Suse) that works perfectly.
When trying the same under my cygwin installation where sendmail is a
symbolic link on ssmtp, I get the above error message and it appears that
after each line an empty line gets added.

When also encrypting with 2) <<openssl smime -sign -in
message.txt -text -signer mycert.pem | openssl smime -encrypt -from -to -subject "Signed message from
cygwin" -des3 user.pem | /usr/sbin/ssmtp>>, it works
perfectly; probably the encoding for the body encryption is capable of
dropping the extra lines.

Due to that I thought that replacing -text in 1) with "-binary" may cause
the same encoding to take place as with encryption, but unfortunately, this
only made it worse and also swallowed the first line.

Any hints how to fix this would be highly appreciated.

	Rgds Ralf

P.S.: My cygwin is configured to use Unix Linefeeds

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