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Re: unavailable from blueyonder/telewest uk

On Wed, 2003-07-30 at 13:19, Bill C Riemers wrote:
> > > My question is: can I install cygwin without access to, and
> > > if so, how?  Here is what I've done:
> >
> > Unfortunately not as you have noticed below, setup.exe requires the file
> > mirrors.lst, which is located on .
> Sure you can.  Just convince someone to snail mail you a CDROM burn.  The
> install from local directory feature of setup.exe works as expected.  I
> always keep a CDROM with a Cygwin download as part of my backup strategy...
> I would offer to send a copy of that, but I did not download the source
> packages onto a CDROM, so I would be violating the GPL should you then turn
> around and ask for those next...

ah, actually I could do that in theory as I have access to
from work; I suppose it involves installing cygwin, downloading sources
and making up a set of files to burn from that.  I installed cygwin on a
pc this morning so maybe all I'd need to do is to copy the /cygwin
directory and run setup, but it is clear I need to read the manual now.

> If of interest, I could prepare a complete CDROM set with source and
> binaries for installation when I get some free time on my hands.

Given that I am not yet sure what I'm doing I must say that is
interesting.  Thanks for the offer!  I'll ask again if I can't work out
how to do it myself from the documentation.


== . Matt Fairtlough	    . ==

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